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Who We Are:

The Potomac Chase Women’s Club is a group of women in North Potomac, Maryland who provide community fellowship and support and conduct community service activities. It offers fun activities for neighboring families, couples, and individuals. The PCWC has been around for over 30 years with over 250 active local members! Are you new to the North Potomac Neighborhood around Jones and are looking to connect with your neighbors and community? Keep reading! 

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What We Do:

Around 1990 a group of women in the neighborhood started getting together and launched what we are today, with over 250 members and growing!

The Potomac Chase Women’s Club provides community fellowship and support, conducts community service activities, and provides fun activities for neighboring families, couples and individuals.


While we do not have Members Only Jackets, we do have you! What makes this Women's Club special is the diverse group of women from all walks and stages of life. We want all members to feel they have a voice and we always welcome feedback and assistance with events.

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